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Advocation & Consultations

Expert Guidance for Families

Parent Prep:
meeting families where they are while empowering them to effectively advocate for their child's educational needs 

Coaching for IEP Meetings

Keegan will complete a professional file review, such as an IEP Analysis, to prepare families with talking points and requests for upcoming school meetings. An initial meeting will be held with the family.

Next Steps Action Plan

A written action plan will be provided to the family to use as a guide. Families will use this resource as a driving force to advocate for their student during communications with their child's teacher, school, or district.

Wrap-Around Coaching Style

Know Dyslexia's philosophy includes pre and post-meetings. Keegan is there to support families through the entire process. A reflection conference will be held with the family to review the outcomes of the school meeting(s) and to strategize a plan for what is ahead.

For additional details or to inquire about scheduling, contact us today.

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