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Keegan Daniel Wilson

Educational Consultant

A Bit About Me

Keegan's educational journey began in Spartanburg, South Carolina with the dream to become a teacher after graduating from Broome High School. Soon thereafter, she earned her BA in Special Education from Clemson University in 2005 and continued her studies at Converse College, graduating with a M.Ed. in Elementary Education that following year. In 2005, Keegan started her teaching career at McCarthy Teszler, an all special needs school serving Spartanburg County, where she taught a multi-categorical class for three years. In 2008, she taught in resource classrooms at the elementary and middle school levels.

Thriving during the early years of her career also accompanied the inevitably of change as the demands of military life relocated the Wilsons to Fort Knox, Kentucky as her soldier was reassigned. As a proud and resilient military spouse, Keegan immediately connected to her new community and taught 1st grade, and also served as a reading interventionist/RTI coordinator from 2011-2013. With priorities shifting to starting a family and another military move to a different state, Keegan took a short two-year break from her career returning to teach in 2015 in Virginia as a substitute and summer school teacher. In 2019, she was presented the opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company as a director of talent which expanded her skill set in recruitment, training, and development. These leadership skills proved to expand her capacity to reach new heights. After another military move to South Carolina in 2020, Keegan returned to the middle school classroom in the fall. During her time in the classroom, she dealt with tremendous learning loss and implemented both Orton Gillingham and Science of Reading strategies. The implementation of these resources incorporated the multimodal approach into ALL subjects, not just reading, allowing her students to meet and exceed their goals. In the summer of 2021, Keegan completed the Orton-Gillingham educators class and soon thereafter began her role as the dyslexia interventionist specialist for Kershaw County School District in Camden, SC in August of 2021. While being in this role at the district level, Keegan assisted teachers by incorporating multimodal approaches in all content areas through individualized, school, and district interactive training session throughout the year. She also introduced sound walls to teachers and articulated the differences between sound and word walls. It is through these exercises that she discovered hand2mind. A colleague sent her the link to a set of amazing 3-D mouth position cards that hand2mind had originated. Keegan knew the importance of the cards and that they would be life-changing for teachers implementing sound walls. After her initial order, the excitement of demonstrating the teaching tools her fellow educators allowed a shared energetic environment with rippling effects that the hand2mind sound walls provided. Keegan consistently reminds and encourages teachers and administrators of the multimodal approach as beneficial for ALL students through her position as a hand2mind literacy specialist. Keegan's passion for multimodal learning continued through the creation of her personal business, Know Dyslexia, designed to meet the needs of students, families, teachers, schools, and districts. Know Dyslexia is a transformative platform that provides a wealth of resources, educational materials, specialized training, and advocacy for struggling readers and those involved in their education. Keegan has a passion for working with students with dyslexia among many other learners who need support in literacy. Her deep understanding of dyslexia's impact on learning, combined with her innovative multimodal approach to teaching, positions Know Dyslexia as a trusted and comprehensive resource in the field of education. Through the platform, Keegan actively engages with educators, families, and experts to develop tailored strategies, intervention programs, and resources that foster inclusive learning environments. As a testament to Keegan's unwavering commitment and the power of multimodal learning, Know Dyslexia is paving the way for a more inclusive educational landscape and advancing teaching practices to improve the literacy lives of students. 

Recent Work Experience

In addition to Know Dyslexia, Keegan has vast experience supporting students, families, schools, and communities.



Hand2Mind Literacy Consultant

  • Leads presentations and professional developments focusing on the multimodal approach, Science of Reading, and methods targeted for dyslexic learners.

  • Researching best practices for dyslexic learners.

  • Plans effective strategies to present meaningful content to audiences virtually.

Dyslexia Intervention Specialist & Special Education and Reading Interventionist

  • Led district’s efforts in a newly-created role to coordinate services for dyslexic learners, integrated multimodal approaches into classrooms, and disseminated resources across 9 elementary schools in the district. 

  • Utilized assessments and made data-driven recommendations to teachers, parents and administrators on accommodations specific to individual students’ reading instruction needs.

  • Developed and presented professional development workshops for teachers, and education tools for parents, in consultation with district’s school psychologists.

  • Oversaw the Orton-Gillingham based reading curriculum for the District (Project Read). 

  • Supported regular-ed teachers in the inclusion model; provided accommodations to students.

  • Taught asynchronous class and manages IEPs for students.

Conferences where Keegan has presented:

Palmetto State Literacy Conference
Massachusetts Reading Conference
South Carolina Reading League
North Carolina Teaching Association
Spotlight on Dyslexia 2023, Learning Ally
Illinois State
Reading Conference
Everyone Reading Illinois
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